Androgenic Anabolic Steroids Vs Human Growth Hormone

It is a grand mistake to believe that Steroids and HGH are the same. No! Here we will discuss the differences between them and which one is best for your needs.

The Human Growth Hormone (HGH) is a protein-based hormone which is released from the anterior pituitary gland, otherwise known as adenohypophysis. As a protein, it is essentially a long chain of amino acids, 191 of them, and is biosynthesized and secreted by a group of cells in the adenohypophysis called Somatotrophs –hence, the HGH is also called Somatotrophin.

HGH is responsible for a series of essential metabolic functions and other processes in the body, which is why it is often termed “the key hormone”. Some of these functions include recovery of damaged tissues and replacement of malfunctioning cells, as well as governance of other hormones and enzymes, and brain control.

In children and teenagers, HGH controls the rate of growth and normal development; in adults it is responsible for the maintenance of muscle and ideal weight, boosting energy, increase vitality and halt the effects of aging.

What are Steroids?

It is common to mistakenly assume that corticosteroids and anabolic steroids are the same thing –they aren’t. Corticosteroids belong to a class of medicines with rapid anti-inflammatory action. They are frequently used by doctors do deal with the excessive inflammation that comes with certain conditions, e.g., arthritis.

Chemically, they are similar to cortisol, a hormone secreted from the adrenal glands. On the other hand, anabolic steroids are drugs that enhance athletic performance (strength, speed etc), commonly used in body-building and sports, although not legally. Obviously, corticosteroids and anabolic steroids are completely different.

Anabolic Steroids, commonly referred to as AAS (Androgenic Anabolic Steroids), are substances originating from the hormones testosterone and dihydrotestosterone, whose actions reproduce. Among them is the enhancement of muscle protein synthesis leading to increased muscle mass, the improvement of strength and endurance and the boost of bone development.

When their use is irrational and excessive, AAS have serious adverse effects: hypertension, liver damage and raised LDL-cholesterol are some of them.

The Human Growth Hormone Differs Significantly from Anabolic Steroids

It is a grand mistake to believe that AAS and HGH are the same. In fact, they are only vaguely similar, in the sense that they are both produced by the human body and that they both promote and enhance development and growth.

Below is a brief outline of the most striking differences between these hormones:

AAS Adverse Effects

  • After using large doses of anabolic steroids for an extended period of time, there is a list of adverse effects that most commonly appear:
    • In men, the sperm count decreases, causing up to 9 in 10 users to become impotent, the breasts develop abnormally, the testicles reduce in size and sometimes swell, and urinating becomes painful and difficult.
    • In women, the voice becomes deep and man-like, hair grows on the face, the breasts reduce in size and there are changes in the menstrual cycle.
    • Some adverse effects are common to both men and women: weight is added rapidly, acne appears, the blood clots easily, vomiting and nausea, hepatotoxicity, abnormal blood lipids, hair loss, increased incidence of heart attack and trouble sleeping.
  • When used by young people and teenagers, AAS may inhibit normal development and severely affect the use’s psychological profile, by inducing extreme mood changes and even create psychiatric pathology, from acute rage to suicidal ideation.
  • But more importantly, people who use ASS irrationally become addicted to them, which leads to serious withdrawal issues when they try to stop these drugs.

Human Growth Hormone Mechanism of Action

On the contrary, HGH is only associated with few and minimal adverse events, which mostly appear if you inject HGH, whereas the use of HGH supplements is essentially side-effect-free.  What’s more, even if adverse effects do appear, they are much less severe than those associated with AAS.

Supplemental HGH is absorbed more readily than Steroids, so using the injectable form is not necessary if you want to see benefits. This fact appeals to many people, not only because it’s faster and pain-free, but also because it nullifies the risks that come along with bad practices such as needle-sharing (e.g., HIV infection).

In addition, while steroid injectables usually cost a lot of money, HGH supplements are way cheaper.

Finally, unlike AAS that can become addictive and lead to withdrawal syndrome, HGH does not cause addiction and you will experience no symptoms or cravings when you stop taking the product.

HGH benefits

There are a lot more to HGH besides enhancing muscle growth. HGH offers valuable help in reducing body fat and achieving the ideal body weight, boosts strength and endurance, promotes vigor, counters aging via reduced wrinkling and hair loss, leads to better sleep, keeps normal blood lipid levels, acts as a mood stabilizer and induces a feeling of overall health.

Human Growth Hormone not only matches the benefits stemming from AAS use (lean muscle development, vigor, strength and endurance) but it also slows down the aging process.

When supplementing HGH you get improved heart function, normalized blood pressure, lower blood cholesterol, better immunity, improved performance in sex, your hair growing back, better and younger looking skin, stronger bones and lower risk of bone fracture, and increased vitality.

Therefore, it is more than obvious how different AAS and HGH are. Due to the numerous health benefits and advantages of human growth hormone supplementation, many experts recommend HGH products for health augmentation.

On the other hand, AAS are accompanied by increased risks compared to their benefits, whereas their adverse effects may be long-lasting and

The market is full of HGH products that have a proven safety record, while claiming to have no side effects at all.

Nevertheless, before using any form of HGH supplementation (tablets, powders or sprays) you should thoroughly research the brand, study the scientific research on each product and, first and foremost.

[alert]Always discuss with your doctor or other specialist before taking on HGH therapy.[/alert]

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