Why Do Athletes Use HGH?

For years, there have been some busted for using synthetic HGH. It was first tested in the aging population, and it was shown to give them a certain youthful advantage in many different ways ranging from more muscle building and fat burning to hair growth and a reduction in wrinkles.

Why Do Athletes Use HGH?

They talked about miraculous results, the fountain of youth, and many other things. But since then, they have limited it to prescription use only for extremely rare medical disorders. And since that time, we have seen athletes make a switch from steroids to HGH, both of which are illegal.

The American Baseball League actually banned HGH before it was banned by the FDA, as did the Olympic council. They believed that HGH would give athletes an unfair advantage. And the FDA believes that it can potentially do serious heart valve and other damage if not used correctly, or even if used in the correct doses.

Some continue to use injections, even though those like Sylvester Stallone have been caught and fined. But why is it that athletes would choose to use this rather than something else that is actually legal?

For one thing, it would seem that when something is off limits, it has an automatic appeal. Everybody wants to use it, because they think that somebody is just trying to hold us back. So despite all of the risks and published studies, we are going to do it because we are above the law and we can.

Another reason, this substance previously could not be tested for. Only recently have they developed tests that can differentiate between the body’s own natural HGH, which is completely legal, and artificial HGH. Yes, they could take legal supplements engineered to help the body to produce its own HGH. But where’s the appeal in that.

But the biggest reason is the results. HGH has been known to do many things. But in relation to athletics, it has first of all been known to enhance metabolism and muscle building at the same time.

This will obviously lead to better body composition. But you will also find that it will lead to more energy, better athletic performance, and many other benefits. It gives athletes a certain spring in their step, and when you use HGH, you can actually maximize all of the benefits of the workouts you are already using.

The benefits can be extremely similar between legal and illegal supplements. There is some debate about which is more effective. But athletes use HGH, because they think that it gives them that extra edge.

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