Erika Gina (contributor)

The owner of "House of Forty", a beauty cosmetic clinic. An amateur photographer. She has passion to healthy life. A housewife, mother and she loves cooking, travelling and spending her time with family. Now, she is busy with her new hobby, blogging.

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Female Hormone Balancer Review: Reduces Hot Flashes & PMS Symptoms

March 17th, 2015 / Female, Reviews

If you believe that you should get a hormone control supplement, then the product we are reviewing today, a multi-vitamin pill, will help you restore your hormonal balance, besides aiding with weight loss: Female Hormone Balancer with Sensoril. Hormonal problems (that come from PMS and aging) are a taboo issue for women, because they can result in numerous secondary problems, like mood […]

4 Myths You Need to Know about Nasal Dilator

September 9th, 2014 / Stop Snoring

In life a clogged nose is one of those things you shouldn’t have to put up with. Thankfully, there is such a wonderful thing as a Nasal Dilator. As the name implies, nasal dilators dilate or widen the nasal passages for better breathing. As the nasal septum is stimulated, air passes more freely. If you’re the type who snores, or worse, sleeps […]

Effective Solutions to Stop Snoring

September 5th, 2014 / Stop Snoring

Are you looking for snoring solutions? Do you snore loudly while asleep? Does your partner, husband or wife snores when they sleep? It is not funny anyway. While you asleep, your husband or wife is awake and very angry. You also can wake up from a sound of your own snore. Snoring is statistically a very serious issue for any relationship and […]