Can Before and After Weight Loss Photos be Trusted?

For organizations that would like to advertise weight loss products, displaying before and after photos is a typical technique. Can they be trusted?

Can Before and After Weight Loss Photos be Trusted?

When you surf the internet, you will find that there are several websites that will show you before and after images stating that you are missing out on some type of incredible miracle solution that will help eliminate all your problems.

When you take a look at these before and after weight loss images they can be quite convincing, since they show the way a person looked prior to using the product and the results after they use the product. However, you should be extremely careful which images are reliable, specifically online.

Why should you doubt the images?

First of all, you are not really aware when these images had been taken…It could be possible that the person that they show in the “after” picture can be the way they looked before gaining weight, particularly to use as the “before” picture.

Furthermore, the “before” images are normally meant to show off individuals as unattractive; so when you are looking at before and after weight loss images, simply focus on the individual’s pose as well as the background lighting. Normally, in the “before” image the person will pose in the most unattractive way as possible, looking depressed while the illumination is going to be very bright and artificial.

On the other hand, if you take a look at the “after” image, the same person will seem more happy, smiling and pose in a confident way, while the lighting will be warm and natural. Basically, the images may be exaggerating the results a specific product has on them.

In addition, pay close attention to see if there’s any textual content below the images themselves. Sometimes, you will see textual content reading something like this “dramatization stock photo”, which means that not just are the images not effectively displaying the purpose of the product, however the subjects themselves have not tried the product they are promoting.

When can before and after weight loss photos be trusted?

Having said that, it doesn’t imply that you shouldn’t trust before and after images. The best way to know which kinds can be trusted? First of all, if both images actually show the same individual under the same shooting circumstances, then it’s without a doubt an indication of honesty.

Furthermore, most of the time, when the pre and post weight loss images are truly real, the individual shown in them leaves their testimony, or a signature as an indication of legitimacy.

As a final point, it should be included that the most efficient source to find out how individuals fare both before and after weight loss products and methods is often a video diary.

A lot of people track their experience with different products over a particular time-frame, and obviously, if you notice the same individual listed in a multitude of videos, making use of a product and revealing their success with the entire world, there is no doubt left with regards to if what they are displaying the truth.

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