DBol-GH Review: Anabolic Muscle Building with Beta-Ecdysterone

DBol-GH is an extremely potent growth hormone substitute that has been specifically designed to boost rapid muscle growth. It consists of a carefully selected blend of ingredients, which work synergistic-ally to bring amazing growth and muscle building.

  • Rapid lean muscle gains
  • Natural anabolic product, contrary to anabolic steroids Dianabol
  • The most advanced and strongest complex formula available
  • Unique combination. Contains Bovine Colostrum and Beta-Ecdysterone
  • Scientifically proven
  • Great value due its large size of 150 capsules, which delivers high amounts of potent ingredients

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The supplement’s primary use is to support HGH production for fast lean muscle gains and muscle growth, anabolic muscle building, bodybuilding and muscle recovery. So, can DBol-GH be the right brand for your bodybuilding and fitness needs? Let’s find out in this short but detailed DBol-GH review.

How DBol-GH Works

DBol-GH contains Beta Ecdysterone as its main active ingredient, which is a strong naturally-occurring ecdysteroid hormone that resembles anabolic steroids. It signals the body to synthesize more contractile proteins inside the skeletal muscles, thereby significantly boosting muscle protein content and muscle mass.

promotes-fat-loss-increases-strength-and-promotes-lean-mass-gainsIt is an extremely effective and high-quality supplement, which is superior to other anabolic supplement.

Another active ingredient contained in the supplement is beta-hydroxy-beta methylbutyrate, a substance that also stimulate protein biosynthesis; it also slows down muscle breakdown during heavy weight training.

Additionally, it promotes fat loss, increases strength and promotes lean mass gains for all people, regardless of their fitness level.

Finally, it contains a variety of other ingredients as well, whose muscle growth-promoting properties have been scientifically proven.

This product’s design is the result of the collaboration between expert scientists and IFBB professional athletes, which explains its complexity, potency and uniqueness in rapid lean muscle building.

DBol-GH Benefits

  • The supplement’s extremely potent recipe will bring you incredible muscle building results in the absence of adverse effects. It is a safe and effective supplement that you can trust without worrying.
  • It promotes rapid lean muscle gain and maintenance. Your muscles will become bigger but you won’t be necessarily getting heavier, as is the case with most low-quality products out there.
  • It contains substances that are backed by proper scientific research, further strengthening your great expectations from its use.
  • DBol-GH has anabolic properties while being 100% natural, which renders it more effective but also safer than other steroids. We can safely say that it’s the most potent, most advanced formula on the market today.
  • It boosts endogenous human growth hormone biosynthesis, which, in turn, stimulates muscles to grow. Additionally, you will enjoy side benefits as well, including better health for your hair, nails and skin.


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DBol-GH Ingredients

Beta-Ecdysterone: It’s the main active which signals the body to synthesize more contractile proteins inside the skeletal muscles, thereby significantly boosting muscle protein content, as well as lean muscle mass.

Calcium Beta-hydroxy-beta-methylbutyrate: Another of DBol-GH’s active ingredients with an effect on muscle protein synthesis. This one is particularly useful in heavy weight-lifting workouts, since it stops muscle catabolism while inducing fat burning and boosting strength. These properties make it a valuable tool for everyone, whether they are actively training or not.

Bovine Colostrum: It is a natural substance containing several growth factors which also promote increased muscle gains.

L-Leucine: An essential amino-acid with proven anabolic properties, considerably more than the rest amino-acids. It is used directly in muscle tissue rather than being metabolized by the liver.

L-Isoleucine: This amino-acid helps maintain muscle tissue while providing energy to muscle cells when the body is under intense stress, as is the case with intense training. It also helps with muscle-stored glycogen preservation, which powers muscle contractions. It also has the ability to boost mental focus, especially in periods of intense training. Finally, it boosts muscle, bone and skin repair and stimulates human growth hormone synthesis

HICA: It is a product of leucine metabolism that maximizes the effects seen with leucine supplementation. By stacking this substance, the user benefits from rapid post-workout recovery. It also improves inter-cell communication.

The formula also contains inosine and L-Valine, a BCAA which is normally present in high concentrations within muscle tissue and participates in muscle growth and repair.

Since the body cannot make it by itself and it’s very hard to get a sufficient amount from food, external supplementation is essential to maintain its levels high enough. L-Valine has multiple roles, including muscle recovery and building, as well as muscle tissue growth.

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Supplement Advice and Cautions

[alert]This supplement should not be taken by children and adolescents younger than 18 years old. [/alert]

It is also not meant to diagnose, prevent, treat or cure any condition or disease. Before using this or any other supplement, you are advised to inform your physician, even more so if you have any underlying medical condition or you follow a specialized diet.

There are no documented adverse effects with this product nor reported in user review/testimonials but, again, you are recommended to consult with a physician before taking it. Doing so will make sure that you are as safe as possible, especially if you take other medicines or you follow a special diet.

  • Safety
  • Effectivity
  • Ingredients
  • Price


The DBOL-GH is a high quality supplement, designed by experts and professional athletes, which means that you can have faith in it for your muscle gain goals. It consists of 100% natural substances with a proven safety record.

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