Female Hormone Balancer Review: Reduces Hot Flashes & PMS Symptoms

If you believe that you should get a hormone control supplement, then the product we are reviewing today, a multi-vitamin pill, will help you restore your hormonal balance, besides aiding with weight loss: Female Hormone Balancer with Sensoril.

Hormonal problems (that come from PMS and aging) are a taboo issue for women, because they can result in numerous secondary problems, like mood swings, anxiety, binge eating and subsequently weight gaining, and many more. If any of these ring a bell, then you are looking for a credible answer to your problems.

Female Hormone Balancer Review
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  • Improves digestive system
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Is the Female Hormone Balancer the kind of answer you want? Continue reading this review to find out how this product works.

What is Female Hormone Balancer?

Female Hormone Balancer with Sensoril is another premium quality supplement from Purity Select, exclusively sold on HGH.com, which is perhaps the most trustworthy online retailer for HGH supplements today.

Female Hormone Balancer with Sensoril is specially formulated to aid women of all ages to counter hormonal imbalances due to PMS or aging. It includes carefully selected all-natural extra strong ingredients that safely and effectively enhance your body and mind.

Is it important to get a hormone balancer? As a matter of fact, hormonal balance disturbances in women, mostly after 40 years of age, lead to several health conditions, both mental and physical: irritability, anxiety and depression are also followed by bloating, aching and weight gain.

If you believe that PMS is overly affecting you or you are in the brink of menopause, then you should consider supplementing your hormones. It is exactly the situation where hormonal balancers become handy and also where HGH.com present you their top product of this type: Female Hormone Balancer with Sensoril.

Female Hormone Balancer with Sensoril Ingredients

Female Hormone Balancer contains 25 bioactive ingredients, including calcium carbonate, vitamins B6, B12, E and niacin, magnesium, zinc and iron. It also contains Sensoril, a proprietary substance with GRAS affirmation.

Other ingredients include L-Histidine, L-Arginine, valerian officinale, ginger root, flax seed oil, broccoli extract, turmeric, dong quai, jujube extract, maca root, citrus bioflavinoids, black cohosh, green tea, Ashwagandha extract, chasteberry, red clover, indole-3-carbinol and brahmi (bacopa monnieri).

Finally, it uses the following excipients for formulation and stabilization purposes: cellulose, titanium dioxide, vegetable capsule and magnesium stearate.

How does It Work?

balancing-female-hormonesThis supplement conveys several benefits to its user. Besides balancing out female hormones, it helps with weight loss, stress relief, aging, antioxidant protections, PMS and emotional and mood.

There benefits come as a result of the harmonious cooperation of this supplements unique and extra strong ingredients, that ensures great results.

First, Female Hormone Balancer’s incredible action is based on a scientifically-backed unique substance termed Sensoril. Sensoril is a proprietary, 100% natural substance with GRAS affirmation that provides protection against the adverse effects of stress. It mainly consists of Ashwagandha, an ayurvedic herbal ingredient that acts as an adaptogen and acts like an endogenous stress-relieving hormone. To put it simply, it battles stress, which minimizes the risk of stress-induced injury.

Chasteberry comes from the chaste tree and is frequently used as the active ingredient of medicines targeting disorders of the menstrual cycle and PMS. The same goes for black cohosh, a natural remedy that helps ease the symptoms of menopause, PMS and hurtful menstruation.

Valerian is well known for its sleep-inducing properties but it is also active against menstrual cramps that come with menopause and also flushes as well as anxiety. L-Arginine is a potent blood circulation enhancer that promotes sexual health and battles hypertension. Red clover contains high concentrations of isoflavones, natural substances that mimic estrogen action.

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How Can This Product Promote Weight Loss?

As it was previously mentioned, all ingredients harmoniously work synergistically to promote well-being, by dealing with hormonal imbalances. What does weight loss have to do with it?

It is because when hormone levels lose their balance, the person often experiences psychological and emotional problems such as anxiety, increased stress, depression and also many binge eating episodes, which may induce weight gain.

By leveling out your hormones, it is easier to improve control of your emotional state and improve your mental and physical health. Moreover, by removing the excess estrogen from circulation you will get rid of PMS aches and other menstrual symptoms, and better cope with stress and eating episodes

Is it Safe?

Female Hormone Balancer with Sensoril is generally safe for women in adulthood who are looking for ways to restore their hormonal balance and improve their health. To date there have been no reports for adverse events related to the use of this particular product.

Containing 25 natural ingredients and also minerals, vitamins, antioxidants and the scientifically backed Sensoril, Female Hormone Balancer is perhaps the top hormonal supplement on the market. The fact that its produces by Purity Select, a leader in the dietary supplement industry, only ads credibility ti the product’s case.

Although no adverse effects have been reported, it is possible that these can happen –after all, each person reacts differently to supplements. As with all supplements, in order to be safe, please consilt your physician before taking this product.

Female Hormone Balancer with Sensoril Review Summary

Female Hormone Balancer is Recommended productFemale Hormone Balancer with Sensoril is a product targeting women of all ages with hormonal imbalances, that has some outstanding benefits. It consists of 100% natural substances and is generally safe, with no reported adverse effects.

When it comes to losing weight, Female Hormone Balancer works by restoring your normal hormone levels, which in turn battles your emotional swings that often lead to binge eating episodes –the number one causative factor of weight gain. Although this product is not marketed as a weight loss supplement, the fact remains that, by taking it, you will benefit in this regard as well.

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