Do HGH Sprays Work?

About the time HGH really became popular, HGH sprays sprang onto the market, making grandiose claims of potentially miraculous results. They claim to give you the youth and vitality that you have missed out on. And when you use HGH sprays, you will finally be able to get the fat burning, muscle building, and more. They say that these will provide you with convenient and tasteless options that do not require you to take any pills. And the question is, do HGH sprays actually work?

HGH sprays are broken down in a number of ways. Most of them claim that they use “real HGH.” The artificial HGH that they are referring to, which has been used in injections, is only for prescription use. When you use HGH sprays, you will find that they use homeopathic methods, which may work in some things. But when it comes to HGH, you have to have defined amounts of certain ingredients.

hgh-spraysHomeopathy dilutes an ingredient in water, and by the time they repeat this process so many times, you cannot be sure you are getting anything outside of water. That is the only reason that they are not being shut down, despite the obviously false claims.

Second, sprays cannot show results, because they are sprays. When you use a spray, most of it will get lost somewhere between the mouth and the bottle. So even if you could get adequate dosages in one spray, which you cannot, you would lose most of that anyway when you spray the bottle to try to get the results.

Third, they do not generally have ingredients that would promote even the imitation of HGH results. Some have used amino acids, testosterone boosters, caffeine, and other ingredients that imitate the benefits of HGH, hopefully while using ingredients like colostrum, which can actually produce more HGH in the body. But HGH sprays in general do not even have these.

Is HGH a legitimate idea? Certainly. There are legal supplements out there that have ingredients that will help your body to produce its own natural HGH. When you use these, you will be able to achieve much more substantial results and benefits. But unfortunately, you will not find these benefits or anything else of worth when you buy HGH sprays. HGH sprays are just another waste of time and money posing as a potentially effective approach.

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