Ways to Increase HGH Production Naturally

Ways to Increase HGH Production Naturally

Your pituitary gland produces an element that is crucial to your body, called HGH. Very little was known about this element, including just how important it was until it was recently studied. Now that we know more about how HGH affects the aging process, we are able to understand more about the benefits that it gives to our bodies.

Below are seven ways that we can increase HGH production in our bodies naturally:

Do Intense Workouts

It is important to understand which workouts affect HGH production and which do not. You should choose an exercise that is intense enough to trigger your HGH production.

HGH repairs your muscles when they are torn through important training as you lift weights. It will also stimulate new muscle growth and the release of fat from the adipose tissue. This can help develop lean muscle mass development.

When you are looking to increase HGH production, you should focus on lifting heavy weights with various muscle groups and limit the amount of cardio that you include in your workout to 30 minutes.

Eat Paleo

Paleo is a highly popular diet as of late that was first used by our ancestor’s centuries ago. This diet helps to keep our bodies nourished properly when our typical diets stunt our growth and cause issues with the natural insulin production in our bodies.

HGH is the item that we want high in our blood streams so that we are able to grow stronger. Reducing carbs and increasing proteins is the best way to make this happen.

Eat Foods Rich in Protein

Proteins are vital when it comes to producing HGH. By adding amino acids, such as L-Lysine, Arginine, L-Glycine, and Glutamine, this goal will easily be accomplished, and our health will be improved as a whole.

These amino acids are crucial to weight lifters and other athletes so that their workout will be intensified.  The goal is for the body to produce good eicosanoids that benefit your health and eliminate the bad eicosanoids that do not.

Monitor What You Eat Before and After Workout

When you finish your workout, HGH will be immediately released into your blood stream so that the repair and building of your muscle tears can take place.

It is important that you avoid drinking a sweet drink or consuming a power bar during this time. It is best to avoid having anything to eat an hour before you begin working out and a half hour after you have finished.

It is fine, however, to drink water during this time. After this timeframe, you should have a protein shake or eat a high protein meal. This will help your muscles to rebuild and will promote HGH production and distribution.

Get Enough Sleep

It is important that you get around 7 to 9 hours of deep sleep each night. This is the best way to increase HGH production because it will be secreted during both the third and fourth stages of your sleep cycle or an hour or two after you begin sleeping.

Never Eat Before Bedtime

Late night snacks, such as cookies, ice-cream and chips have a certain way of harming our bodies. One way is that they increase the level of insulin, which makes it difficult for HGH to be released. This causes more fat to be stored, so it is best to avoid eating within 2 hours of going to bed.

If you feel as if you need a snack, avoid having one that has carbs. Stick to a protein snack instead, such as a whey protein shake.

HGH Supplement

An HGH supplement is also suggested in combination of these tips so that you will have an even greater chance of an increase of HGH production. It is important that you note the difference between HGH supplements and HGH injections.

Supplements are made up of natural ingredients that will help your body produce HGH naturally. These are safe for most people and unless a deficiency is found, this is the preferable method.

By increasing your HGH production, you will be able to decrease the signs of aging as well as benefit from many other anti-aging benefits as well.

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