Increased HGH Levels Helps Decrease Depression

Increased HGH Levels Helps Decrease Depression

Human growth hormones are a natural part of the body and can help improve the overall look of a person in regards to their muscles and bone density. For younger people, human growth hormones are responsible for the growing process, but for adults, it can help them to keep their young appearance and keep the aging process at bay.

While most people take supplements in order to improve their physical appearance, research has also been shown that prove that the mental health of those who take supplements is also improved as well. For this reason, depression is often lessened in those who take a human growth hormone.

What Evidence is Present?

There have been many studies that have been conducted all around the world regarding the effect that human growth hormones have on depression and their ability to reduce and reverse symptoms that are caused by the disease. One of the most prevalent reports was published in 1996 by the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine by Dr. L. Cass Terry.

This study showed that nearly 70% of those who took these supplements saw an improvement when it came to their emotional stability. In addition to this statistic, 80% of those who participated in the study reported that they now had a better attitude about life in general. There were over 900 participants in this study; 300 of which were doctors themselves.

Recently, there was another study than involved a large group of participants and very similar results were seen. Those with low self-esteem and anxiety saw a 70% improvement and depression dropped by 82%.

Other studies have shown that HGH supplements can also help to improve the sleeping patterns of men who had been diagnosed with depression. During this study, it was determined that men who had received this diagnoses actually produced less HGH during the first 3 hours of sleep than men who were not diagnosed with depression.

When the men with the diagnosis were given supplements, they were then able to receive more quality sleep and felt more rested when they woke in the morning.

How do Supplements Affect the Brain

One study that was conducted in 1996 in Sweden studied the effect that HGH supplements had on the brain compared to that of a normal antidepressant. It was reported that they work similarly: the B-endorphin neurotransmitter levels were increased, which improved the overall mood of the person who was taking them.

These supplements were also shown to reduce the amount of dopamine that was found in the brain, which is thought to increase irritability and agitation.

It has also been shown that HGH supplements have the ability to reduce stress as well as improve many other aspects of our well-being as well, such as concentration, mental focus, self-confidence and self-esteem.

By improving our overall physical appearance by taking HGH supplements, we are also able to fight off depression in a more indirect way. It is common for people to begin feeling depressed as they become older because they are no longer able to participate in many of the activities that they did when they were younger, such as sports, sexual activity and routine chores.

However, by relying on HGH supplements, we are able to bring back some of these physical activities that we once enjoyed and bring back the self-confidence and well-being that we once had as well.

HGH supplements are extremely effective when fighting off the effects of depression and can help improve the body naturally. These are great options when you are looking to improve your physical and mental capabilities while trying to avoid the dangerous effects of HGH injections at the same time.

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