Insanity Workout and Fasting will Increase your HGH Levels

Insanity Workout and Fasting Increase HGH

It is amazing how our bodies work, especially during times of great stress. When we look back at the lives of our ancestors, our bodies become even more remarkable. Our ancestors lived during a time when there was little food to find and it was common that they would go days without eating. While many still do this today in the form of fasting, we typically do not have to deal with this issue any longer.

Another important function of our bodies is the ‘fight or flight’ response that it has for moments of high stress. This system gives us a method of dealing with this stress by providing the mechanisms that our bodies need to work at a highly intense level for certain periods of time. By relying on these two natural body functions, we are able to improve our metabolic process and heal the tissue of our body when certain hormones are released.

Workout and Fasting = Increased HGH

During ancient times when our ancestors were struggling to find food, they would often rely on certain herbs, wild berries, seeds and raw nuts to gain the substance that they needed to supply. These items gave them the energy that they needed to get on with their day and complete the foraging that needed to be done.

When they were finally finished with their efforts, they were able to relax and enjoy the protein that they had gathered throughout the day. This system helped their bodies to adapt to the things they were putting their body through.

Since fasting was common, the body became used to this system. Our bodies now go through a catabolic period when we fast. This causes our tissues to break down and inflammation to form. Older cells are then replaced by stronger and healthier cells.

Although our ancestors were forced into this lifestyle, we now have a choice to join them. They spent much of their time expending high amounts of energy as they chased their food and killed it. They may have even been in the heat of battle on a regular basis, which caused their bodies to react at a 90% intensity level.

This created bodies that were lean and strong with body fat at an all-time low. Even women had body fat that was under 20% because of the muscle that was forced to grow due to their uniquely active lifestyles.

If we are to have the same quality of life that our ancestors had, it is important for us to understand how their bodies functioned and how we can use their adaptation to our benefit. By combining fasting and high intensity exercise for short periods of time, we will begin to build a strong and fit body, just as our ancestors did in ancient times. We will also find that this will build our immune system and digestive tract, making us into much healthier people.

The Research Results

There has been great research conducted on this idea and it has been shown that by fasting for 12 to 24 hours and following it with a highly intense workout session that people are able to boost the amount of HGH that they produce.

This is naturally produced by the pituitary gland and is the item that helps our cells to be repaired and to slow down the aging process. It also helps burn fat and builds muscles all while regulating the metabolism and slowing down the negative effects of stress.

According to the Medical Center Heart Institute, research has shown that men who fasted for 24 hours saw an increase in their HGH levels of 2000%; women saw an increase of 1300%.

Another study by the British Journal of Sports Medicine showed that an intense exercise program also helped trigger HGH production by building up the levels of lactic acid in the body.

Although they are beneficial long, low intensity aerobic exercises did not show an increase in the amount of HGH. There were other benefits such as the production of free radicals, which can actually lead to an increase in the amount of aging that the body sees.

Although high intensity training also produces free radicals, it also triggers enzymes and repair peptides and hormones that can help fight the signs of aging and repair the tissue of the body.

It appears that our ancestors had a very simple method of staying fit and it is now time for us to follow their direction. To give your body an even larger boost of HGH, you can also try taking an HGH supplement along with your workout as well.

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