Recline on Your Bike: The Ultimate in Fitness Comfort on a Recumbent at Home

recumbent bikeRecumbent Bike Supports Back, Exercises Different Muscles.

When it comes to exercise, for many people there’s never a best time to do it. However when it comes to bicycles, who wouldn’t wish for more time to go for a nice bike ride? That’s probably why an exercise bike has always been and still is a popular choice in fitness equipment in the gym or home. You’re peddling like you do outside, but in the rain, or snow, or in-between emails, you can get your exercise.

With the availability of recumbent bicycles for the home gym, you can be: biking along, getting your aerobic exercise, losing weight, getting a fitness routine that will tone, firm and shape your legs and butt and… you can be doing it all in a relaxing, reclining position right in your own home!

What makes the recumbent bike different from your ordinary model? This design positions the seat at an incline which is more ergonomically correct than a traditional upright.

The seats can be more comfortable and offer more support for the lower back and lumbar region. In this position, your gluteal muscles get additional exercise as well as your quadriceps and hamstring muscles.

As with other fitness bicycles, there is no impact on your knees and joints, you get a great cardiovascular workout, and the machine is relatively light and portable.

If you are thinking of getting a recumbent for your home, the first thing you will need to check out is the best seat for your own comfort. Seats vary from narrow and hard to wide and soft, and this is a personal preference. Secondly you will want to make sure your seat and pedals are adjustable for you. Then you will need to make sure the model will accommodate your weight.

Fitness experts recommend the best model to purchase is one that has the features you will require. Most makes and models will offer the following combination of features:

  • Silent magnetic resistance which provides a smooth and quiet workout
  • Toe straps to help keep your feet in the proper position for the best workout
  • Display windows tracking speed, time, distance, calories, pulse and resistance level
  • Sturdy construction, no wobbles
  • Heart rate monitor
  • Pre-set programs
  • Rack to hold your reading materials
  • Bottle holder
  • And.for that additional attraction, some of the best recumbent models even offer an adjustable built in workout fan for your enjoyment!

So try a recumbent, and bike to your heart’s content-and fitness

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